At the beginning of 2016, Pho Noi industrial textile zone witnessed the boost in international intergration of Vietnam. A lot of bilaterally and multilaterally free trade agreements were signed, accompanied with the government’s determination and action in the improvement of the investment and business environment, which promised an exciting development of the district.

The challenge here is how to attract the investment based on all the plans and targets which were given out by the industrial textile zone and the shareholders when there are more and more attractive supplements these days. Moreover, the regulations on environmental protection are being tightened.


After determining all the difficulties, challenges, chances and specific solutions, the investor of industrial textile zone – Pho Noi joint stock Company of textile development has concentrated on promoting and foreign investing. He also quickly completes the accelerated infrastructure, gets the basement ready and ensures maximum commitment for the investors (NDT).  The industrial textile has finished 80% of the infrastructure system and increased the rate of fulfilling in the second stage from 35% in 2015 to 70% in 2016. At the end of 2016, with all the high potential investors coming from America, Korea, Hongkong, Vietnam and China, the factory has started to be built by almost of the investors right after getting the basement, exploiting some general incentives locally and some supporting policies from the industrial area for example, supporting investment procedures, labor recruiting, design consulting, building contractors and connecting services provided by the third party…      

All the rewarding results we have had come from the regular support and directions of the shareholders and Head Company, the proactiveness in innovating methods of investment, completing the customer caring system (OSS-office strategic services), the dramatic changes of the industrial zone’s infrastructure and landscape and also giving out new requirements in developing services, which will meet the customers’ requirements who were and are going to invest in the industrial area.  

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